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Kramer Enterprises Celebrates 70 Years of Business

Kramer Enterprises of Findlay, Ohio will celebrate its 70th anniversary on June 6th, 2014. The company was founded as City Laundry in 1944 by Carl and Edith Kramer, and operated as a small retail laundry and dry cleaning business. Today, the company exists as part of Kramer Enterprises and includes the brands City Uniforms and Linen, City Apparel, and City Dry Cleaning.

Second generation President and CEO of Kramer Enterprises, Paul Kramer, is proud of the company’s accomplishments and its ability to overcome adversity and continue to grow above the industry average. In 1994, the original City Dry Cleaning building located on East Main Cross Street in Findlay, Ohio burned to the ground.

“Our ability to overcome hardships and use of leading edge technology is what makes our business successful,” says Kramer, “It starts with skills, but takes commitment, drive, fortitude, and vision. Those elements are important for any successful business, regardless of size.”

As innovative leaders, Kramer Enterprises has sharpened the overall identity of the industry. The company’s goal is to bring new ideas for continuous improvement while understanding the value of an old process. The company’s investment of technology is seen through its production and chemical distribution center, GPS units in every vehicle, management information systems to streamline billing and order tracking, and progressive marketing techniques.

“It’s the way we approach our business that differentiates us in our industry,” says Rich Kramer, third generation and Vice President, “When we engage our associates through transparent communication and a modern work environment, it translates to satisfied customers.”

Kramer Enterprises is broadly recognized for its family-owned culture. The celebration of 70 years commemorates Carl Kramer’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit and also drives the second and third generations to follow his legacy. Edith Kramer still resides in Findlay and recently celebrated her 97th birthday.

“Our assets are our innovation, adaptability and corporate culture that resonates throughout our company,” says Andrea Kramer, third generation and Vice President. “We have a strong emphasis on the importance partnerships we share with our customers, vendors and associates.”

As Kramer Enterprises embraces 70 years and moves into the future, they hope to retain the forward-driving entreprenuarial spirit and commitment that has characterized this business success story from its inception. With a strong market to serve, the company is poised to “Clean It Up!” when it comes to continued success. Visit to watch Kramer’s highly entertaining music video “City Truck.”


City Uniforms and Linen services customers with the best in Uniform Rental, Facility Services, Hospitality Linen Service, Dust and Wet Mops, Towels, Aprons and Floor Mats. City Uniforms services customers within a 170 mile radius of Findlay, Ohio. To learn more visit

City Apparel is a Women Owned national provider of Branded Merchandise, Uniforms, Promotional Products, Corporate Apparel, Incentives, Fulfillment programs and eCommerce solutions. City Apparel services customers across the US, Canada and Mexico ranging from your local small business to Fortune 500’s. To learn more visit

City Dry Cleaning, formerly known as City Laundry, is Northwest Ohio’s premier dry cleaning company. City provides FREE pick-up and delivery service to customers in the area; specializing in Dry Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Bridal Gown Preservation, Alterations and more. To learn more visit

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